How again?

miss1 July

Dear Homstyler creators and other employes involed in desinging this wonderful program, 

I'm having troulbe unhiding a wall without having to un hide the rest on my hided objects. 

I would appriciate some help.

A wondering desinger

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Grace Simmons1 July
Look at top menu, under view you will see 'display settings' and 'hidden items' on hidden items-slide to the right and you will see 'show all hidden' and 'show some hidden' on show some-slide over to right and then you should see a list of the items that have been hidden. Click on the items you want to see. There is a glitch, if there is a item that is attached or next to the wall, it may hide with the wall, but if you got to view on top menu you should be able to show the items you want to see.
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