Brunch Contest: We have free mockup packs for you to build your favorite brunch spot!

Homestyler Official4 July 2021


It is always a nice option to visit a tasty and exciting brunch restaurants to start a perfect lazy weekend morning! 🍽🥘🍯🍨

In this challenge, build your favorite brunch spot that worhty planning your weekend around!

We have prepared both a free and a premium model package for you!


Submission: 2022.07.04 (Monday) to 2022.07.21(Thursday)

Winner Announcement:2022.07.22 to 2022.07.25

Awards & Prizes

Once your work is shortlisted, you will earn 10 points as a reward. The shortlisted works can be found in our Gallery under the #BrunchContesttag. 

Selection Criteria:

Best Room Award:

25% Number of likes + 25% Innovatoin + 25% Aesthetics + 25% Color Matching

Best Popularity Award:

To 3 projects with the highest points = (70% x Number of likes) + (30% x Number of views)

Most Innovative Award:

Innovation will be the first criteria - whether you make the most innovative purpose of the room, or the most creative redecoration of the space. Remember to include your ideas in the project description!

Submission Requirements

Content Requirements:

1)Floor plan: This contest does not specify a floor plan.

2)Render quality&quantity: each room/space contains at least two 2K and above normal renders(normal image, not panorama) and uploaded floor plans

3)Project name: the project name must contain the hashtag #BrunchContest

4)Project status: must be set to public status.

5)Number of entries: the number is not limited, but each person shall only be awarded one prize.

6)Selection of models: You can select the models from the model collection Vol.106 and Vol.107 in the Trends catalog.

Submission Process

After the design is complete, click "Edit Project", enter the project title and description, and add renders to each room. Remember to set the project to public status. Please refer to the video below for detailed instructions.


1. If your work passes preliminary selection and gets shortlisted, it will show up in Gallery under the #BrunchContest hashtag.

2.Each participant shall only be awarded once for the same award, and the awarded projects will be further featured in the main featured Gallery - which means the design will not only be shown under the Activity tag, but also in the mainstream of the featured designs!

3. We will post the final winner announcement in the Forum, and we will send an email to all winners.

4.During your participation, feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

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